Do you know what APIs can do for you?

I’m sure you’ve recently heard lots of buzz about APIs (Application programming interfaces) but do you understand what that means for you? APIs are a communication between a website, action, user and server. In other words, it’s a way to automate web tasks between different sites, programs, softwares. With the power of APIs you can take 5 of your most simple tasks and increase their productivity by 1000% or more! Imagine if every time someone posted to your Facebook page 20 subsequent actions would follow, automatically!

How many actions you perform online a day.
We multiply your actions online by at least 10.
How many actions will you perform each month?

What do we do?

  • Initial Interview
    An account manager will need to interview you to get a basic understanding of your daily, weekly and monthly online activity. An assessment will need to be made about your current productivity level, sales, operations and more. This information is the backbone for our integration.
  • Activity Analysis
    Web Programmer
    At this point our consultant meets with a programmer. Your goals and current actions are analyzed based on what other applications they apply to. In other words, say every day you post today's Lunch special to your Google Calendar, we know that it could also be automatically posted to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and even emailed to all managers. It's these types of connections that allow us to quickly integrate with your current operations.
  • System Integration
    Action Team
    Once we've outlined how many additional actions we can automate based on your daily, weekly and monthly activity our Action Team then sets up all of your actions through our servers.
  • Automated Productivity
    At this point automatically every action that you do online that we have connected to will streamline several events online. It's like having a whole team of employees at your fingertips for a fraction of the price while you sit back and relax giving you more time to focus on what's most important in your life. You will receive weekly reports via email or text about our teams progress with your automations.

Talk to a Member of Our Team

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